What do you want to know?

I’m Nate, owner of Tuihana Cafe, a small, independent cafe on Dominion Rd in Auckland.

Kiwis love cafes. We love our flat whites.

We spend so much time in cafes, we don’t actually know what’s involved behind the scenes to keep a cafe up and humming.

This is a new brand new project for me.  I’m hoping you’ll send me your questions, and I’ll give you honest answers from my side of the counter.

So, what have you always wanted to know about a cafe? Ask away.

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  1. Ben · January 6, 2015

    When I ask to make changes to a dish (e.g. for allergy or dietary restrictions I ask to leave something out or swap) what kind of problems does that actually cause? Does it really make more trouble? Experience had is that some cafes are completely okay with it, others make a huge fuss about it causing ‘problems’.


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