Why integrated EFTPOS is a must

Hospitality is all about high volume, low value transactions.  When doing something as repetitive as taking payments it needs to be quick and easy.  Cafes (and all other businesses) that don’t use integrated EFTPOS are really putting themselves at a big disadvantage.

Integrated EFTPOS is a very simple concept.  When the customer is ready to make a payment, the till software automatically sends the total due to the EFTPOS terminal, which prompts the customer.  Once the customer has used tap-n-go, or swiped/inserted their card and put in their pin, the EFTPOS terminal sends back the accepted/declined status to the till.

The huge inconvenience of not having integrated EFTPOS became very clear to me during an out-catering we did last year.

Every year we do coffee and food for the gather conference, held out in South Auckland.  For the one day event, we use Vend as our point of sale (running on an iPad), and ASB Accept (powered by SmartPay) for the EFTPOS terminal.  At the time integrated EFTPOS wasn’t available, but is available now.

My staff are used to the integrated EFTPOS we have in the cafe (we don’t yet run Vend as our till in the cafe). Since the staff are so used to it, not having it at the gather conference made life very difficult.  As the day wore on, the biggest complaint was how they missed it.

Why you need to have integrated EFTPOS:

  1. It’s fast.  No longer do you have to reach over to the EFTPOS terminal and type in the total, which is difficult to do with the terminal facing the customer.  The till can do this all in less than a second.
  2. It’s accurate. It’s very easy to type in the wrong total, the till won’t do this
  3. It’s secure. During a normal day, 99% of transactions will be approved.  Since the output is sent back to the till, the staff member can easily see the 1% of declined transactions, and prompt the customer to try again or try a different payment method.  As Murphy’s Law will have it, the declined transaction that the staff member doesn’t happen to pick up on, will be a large one, and that’s money walking out the door.

I highly recommend you get integrated EFTPOS, you will not look back.  I also recommend you run your EFTPOS terminal over your internet connection, if you aren’t already.