What makes decaf more expensive?


What makes decaf coffee beans more expensive?

Decaf coffee is where a coffee is made using decaffeinated beans.  As the name suggested, they are your normal coffee beans just with very little caffeine in them.  It’s a myth that there is absolutely no caffeine in them – the decaffeination process removes most of the caffeine (97-99%).

About 1% of coffees we do on a day to day basis would be decaf. I know a fair amount of cafes that use pre-ground beans, as you can’t really taste the difference between freshly ground and pre-ground decaf beans, and they do such a small volume (like us) that it doesn’t warrant having a separate grinder with the decaf beans in them.

We do freshly grind our decaf as I feel you’re still paying for a full price coffee so we should put the same care and attention into it as one of our standard coffees.  We had a grinder spare, so it wasn’t too much hassle to set it up.

As for why some cafes charge more (we don’t) it may be because the beans cost them more (it doesn’t with our supplier) or just because they can.  Next time you’re at your local, ask them, “do decaf beans cost more than the standard ones?”

You’re sure to get your answer for the difference in price.