No trim milk a deal breaker?

As a cafe owner, I don’t think so.

In Stuff recently, it outlined how the Lyttelton Coffee Company has chosen to no longer offer trim milk to their customers, because:

None of our staff drink trim milk and we don’t drink it and we think it builds an inferior match with the product that we roast.

Anchor-Milk-Trim-PlasticFair enough. Top points to them for wanting to keep the quality up of a product they are selling to the public.  The skeptic in me also thinks what a great lot of free marketing they’ve been able to get from this storm in a teacup.

At Tuihana Cafe, we sell whole milk, trim milk and soy.  We get the occasional request for rice and almond milk, but we don’t stock either as the demand just isn’t there for it.  It also would add to the busyness behind the coffee machine as we’d go from three jugs to five.

I’m of the opinion that customers work hard for their money, so why shouldn’t we be as accommodating as we can, within reason. I do shudder when we have customers ask for a flat white with four or more sugars in it, but hey, why can’t they? If that’s the way they like their flat white, who am I to argue that they are over-sweetening an otherwise perfectly fine hot beverage?

Being a good host is the key to good hospitality, and ensures your customers will continue to visit you time and time again. I’m not sure if I’d go as far as removing trim milk completely; I would explain to customers that they will be getting an inferior product, and whole milk is best – if they decide to still get trim milk, then that’s their prerogative.

My suggestion to customers that are unhappy with Lyttelton Coffee Company decision? Try a different cafe, there’s heaps around.

Side note: Trim milk drinkers, if you were given whole milk and told it was trim milk, would you be able to taste the difference?


  1. Chaitanya · February 3, 2016

    I love my coffee with whole milk. I hate the taste of trim milk; I’d rather drink black.

    I think people can easily find the taste difference between whole and trim as it is vast.


  2. Stacey · February 3, 2016

    I would taste the difference, but I’d notice the consistency more.


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