Return of the dreaded EFTPOS receipt

pax_d210_med_01Earlier in the year, I had an email from Paymark; our EFTPOS terminal was running an old version of their software, and by 1 May we needed to upgrade (to version 6.1 or above). Smartpay, who provided the terminal, sent me an upgraded PAX D210 and yesterday I switched over to the new terminal with no dramas, or so I thought.

Rewind 18 months.

I called Smartpay about disabling the customer’s receipt printing out, as very few customers would take them, and it was just wasting paper.  While on the phone to the technician, I spotted an option on the terminal that I could also disable the merchant receipt (the terminal, by default, prints two receipts, one for us, one for the customer).

I asked the technician about this. He said while the option was there, I was not allowed to disable the merchant receipt, as this was against my merchant terms and conditions. I said I wouldn’t, hung up the phone, then duly switched the merchant receipt off (I am such a criminal).

I’d finally achieved my nirvana – the EFTPOS machine would print no paper receipts. If a customer did want an EFTPOS receipt (we can print out tax receipts from the point of sale software), the terminal has a reprint option, which we could use. Life was good.

Fast forward to yesterday.

The new software has no options around receipts.  To enable/disable receipts, this has to be done at Smartpay’s end, and then pushed to our terminal. I couldn’t be so crafty this time, Smartpay can disable the customer receipt, but I can’t disable the merchant receipt. Annoyingly,  I’m back to where I was.

Is this such a big issue?

One of my biggest pet peeves is doing something that has no point. No one takes the EFTPOS receipts, they end up straight in the bin.  All I’m doing is keeping the EFTPOS roll makers in business. Even when I’m out shopping, I never take the EFTPOS receipt.

I’ll need to find a way to trick my machine into thinking it has paper, when it doesn’t, to stop it printing out.  That, however, will be a topic for another time.


  1. Lena · April 16

    Every job I’ve had, we have had to keep every single eftpos receipt. We archive them at my work?! Why?!


  2. Philip · April 16

    thread a length of eftpos paper through the machine, and sellotape the ends together, to create a continuous loop. The machine can merrily print all day.


  3. Bill Bennett · April 20

    Are there alternative devices?


    • tuihanacafe · April 20

      The D200 has no printer however we can’t change to that for a variety of annoying reasons (contractural more than functional).


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