What’s wrong with ANZAC day

Poppy-dayANZAC day is the day all Kiwi’s remember those who have gone to war, and given the ultimate sacrifice for our country. April 25th is picked as it marks the landing of our ANZAC troops at Gallipoli back in 1915.

The most visible symbol of this day is the red poppy, which you can buy from collectors dotted around most of the busy shopping centres.

Three years ago, I had the brilliant idea of selling poppies here in the café, with a proper display, and all the money going back to the RSA.  This idea was the beginning of a whole lot of dramas.

Firstly, trying to organise a pickup of the poppies was tricky as there wasn’t a proper collection point.  Once we had collected all the money, getting the money back to the right place was also not an easy task. Had I not been so determined to get this all done, I would’ve given up at the first hurdle.

Here’s how to fix this very broken process.

A month out from ANZAC day, have a website where businesses such as ours can register to sell poppies. A few days later, in the mail, you receive the card board holder, a bag of poppies, and a return courier bag.  Once ANZAC day passes, we can return any unsold poppies and the card board holder, plus direct credit the money we’ve collected (bonus points if there is a website where you can pay by credit card). Easy.

I’m sure there are plenty of other businesses out there who would love to support the RSA on ANZAC day, it just must be easy. We already have enough on our plates as it is.

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  1. JennyM · April 25

    Yes! This! This would be awesome!
    I always miss getting my poppy because the people sitting outside the supermarket are never there on whatever day I go in – I only shop once a week. It would be so good to be able to pick up my poppy from a friendly cafe or library or something


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